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Tanzania Home: Refugee and Research Initiatives

tanzania home: Somali refugee boys recite the Qur'an at a Madrassa, or Islamic religious school, at Dadaab refugee camp, which hosts more than 230,000 refugees in northern Kenya in December 2017, according to Toronto Star. Researchers from Carleton, York, Ottawa and McGill universities are laying the groundwork for one of the most ambitious research initiatives to explore local solutions for the world's escalating refugee crisis. The team, led by Carleton University professor James Milner, has worked quietly behind the scenes since 2015 to build a network of partners in Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon and Tanzania home to many of the world's displaced people seeking ways to help these host communities cope with the influx of migrants. Ben Curtis / Associated Press File Photo Carleton University professor James Milner centre with research leads Maha Shuayb from Lebanese American University left and Dulo Nyaoro of Moi University in Kenya at a recent meeting in Ottawa on the role of civil society in addressing the global refugee crisis. Eighty-six per cent of the world's refugees settle in the global south, sometimes for years. Carleton University photo Responding to the needs of refugees is a global challenge, said Milner, who is overseeing the seven-year research project to study global refugee policies. ( As reported in the news.