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State Secularism: State-Sanctioned Discrimination and Quebec Attempts

state secularism: If true religious neutrality and state secularism were its desired goals, Legault's Coalition Avenir Qu bec CAQ' party has already failed spectacularly, according to National Observer. Glaring double standard ; The embarrassing double standard displayed in such a declaration is further proof that Quebec attempts to legislate secularism have always looked more like half-baked versions of state-sanctioned discrimination, in which all but Christian religious symbols are subject to discrimination. This is the twisted logic that Legault relies on to justify planned legislation to ban public servants from wearing religious symbols, while fighting to preserve the most sacred and universally known symbol of Christianity, the cross, in the National Assembly, where laws are voted in and equally applied to all Quebecers. If you claim to be for secularism you can't cherry pick which symbols stay and which ones leave. Attempting to bypass the issue, or shelter your preferred religion from the new proposal, by pretending that the cross isn't, in fact, a religious symbol, but merely a quaint heritage symbol, does not rectify the problem. They must all go, or you appear profoundly hypocritical. ( As reported in the news.