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Something: Freedoms Trudeau and Clause

something: CANpoli Quebec hijab Legault insisted such a ban is important enough to Quebecers that he's prepared to invoke the rarely used notwithstanding clause, which would override the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, according to National Observer. Trudeau, however, insisted Wednesday that the clause should be reserved for exceptional circumstances and only deployed after lots of deep reflection about its broader ramifications. ; It's not something that should be done lightly because to remove or avoid defending the fundamental rights of Canadians, I think it's something with which you have to pay careful attention, Trudeau, who represents a Montreal riding, said in French when asked about Legault's plan. The day after winning Monday's election, Legault vowed to use the powerful constitutional provision, if necessary, to uphold a proposal to prohibit some state employees in Quebec from wearing religious signs, including garments like the Jewish kippa and Muslim hijab.PM Justin Trudeau insists that the override clause in the Canadian Constitution should be reserved for exceptional circumstances. As you know very well, I'm not of the opinion that the state should be able to tell a woman what she can wear, nor what she cannot wear. Remove religious symbols or move to another job Legault's centre-right Coalition Avenir Quebec won a convincing majority mandate in the provincial election after promising voters it would carve out more autonomy for the province. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is there to protect our rights and our freedom. ( As reported in the news.