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Sikh Turban: Police Officers and Symbols Ban

sikh turban: Disheartened, frustrated and confused Quebec teachers have their say on the CAQ's religious symbols ban, via Nat Observer qcpoli The English, history and geography teacher is disheartened, frustrated and confused by the newly-elected Coalition Avenir Qu bec CAQ government pledge to ban teachers, judges and police officers from wearing religious symbols like the Muslim hijab, Sikh turban or Jewish kippah.CAQ leader Fran ois Legault has said he will go as far as using the notwithstanding clause recently deployed by Ontario Premier Doug Ford if necessary to push the policy forward, according to National Observer. The clause in the Canadian Constitution would be invoked to override provisions of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. ; In his first press conference as premier-designate last week, Legault said his party would create a framework where people employed by state in positions of authority are banned from wearing religious garments while at work. Not once has it ever prompted any hostility or caused any offence, she told National Observer. He said that his government will offer people who want to continue wearing the items desk jobs. He said people in authority should not wear religious signs, including those who are actually in a teaching position. On Tuesday the party's position was confirmed by Simon Jolin-Barette, the CAQ MNA who is spokesperson for the government transition and former justice critic when the Liberals were in power. ( As reported in the news.