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Seat Count: Harper Agenda and Voter Turnout

seat count: The disaffection with the Conservatives easily led to 'Stop Harper' and 'Go Vote' campaigns that were arguably very successful, according to Rabble. The Harper government was defeated -- its seat count reduced from 159 seats to 99 seats -- and voter turnout went up from 61.1 per cent in 2011 to 68.49 per cent. What analysis and hope can social justice activists offer to the more than 17 million people expected to vote in the 43rd general election in this country In the October 2015 federal election it seemed clearer. But the Harper agenda was hardly defeated. And we still ended up with the Trans-Pacific Partnership with 'Comprehensive and Progressive' unconvincingly tacked on to the front of it. Notably the Trudeau government kept the Harper government's weak emission reduction target and then went a step worse by buying the Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline and kept the Harper government's funding formula for health care. ( As reported in the news.