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Rights Experts: Housing Advocates

rights experts: For years, housing advocates and human rights experts have pointed out that Canada has signed and ratified numerous international human rights covenants honouring the right to adequate housing, according to Rabble. Yet the right to housing is not enshrined in any piece of legislation in Canada, not even the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Domestic law in Canada does not recognize the right to housing. Canada's failure to meet its international obligations means that more than 235,000 people across the country will experience homelessness this year. For example, the City of Toronto reports that in 2017 the median age of death the only official statistic available for a homeless person in Toronto was 48 years, whereas the average life expectancy in the city is 81 years for males and 85 years for females. There is well documented evidence of increased ill health and higher mortality rates for people who remain inadequately housed. ( As reported in the news.