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Recreation Centres: Health and Career Opportunities

recreation centres: The roots of these inequalities are increasingly determined by where we live, what food we can afford to eat, our sense of safety and community belonging, our ability to get around and exercise, our level of civic participation and whether we can access education and career opportunities, according to NOW Magazine. Our day-to-day lives have a lot to do with our health. There are measurable, proven differences in health outcomes across populations within Toronto. Although the health care system officially falls under the jurisdiction of the province, things like public transit, streets, parks, recreation centres, libraries, community housing and policing are all important aspects of our lives and are largely controlled by the municipal government. Prolonged exposure to negative experiences like stressful daily commutes that leave you exhausted has been proven to lead to serious concerns like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety.NOW distributed an eight-question multiple choice survey to all mayoral candidates about their views on health disparities. These things might seem unrelated to our health, but they're precisely what shapes it over time. ( As reported in the news.