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Quebec Liberals: Quebec and Support Base

quebec liberals: In their desire to stick it to the establishment, many Quebecers don't seem overly concerned by the major debates of our era, writes Toulas Take electionqc Quebec Election qcpoli In an extraordinary change of guard, Fran ois Legault's right-of-centre federalist party swept into power with 74 seats, ending almost 50 years of two-party rule, according to National Observer. The Quebec Liberals saw their support base shrink dramatically, winning only one quarter of the popular vote, which translated into 32 seats. The big question now is whether history will be kind to Quebec for resoundingly electing a majority, first-time Coalition Avenir Qu bec CAQ government without the checks and balances of a strong opposition. The left-of-centre Quebec solidaire QS tripled its seats, and for the very first time, gained support and recognition beyond the island of Montreal in a spectacular showing that exceeded partisan expectations, with 10 elected members. Quebec's tectonic political shift Quebecers seem to have tossed the political establishment ceremoniously aside for the still-new CAQ, which has never before formed government, and the QS, which is seen by many as the ideological and spiritual leader of the now almost-defunct PQ.A major tectonic shift has undoubtedly taken place in this province; one that won't fully be visible until perhaps the next election. What used to be the established choice for Quebec separatists, the Parti Qu b cois PQ appeared sclerotic next to the emerging QS, as it lost official party status, winning just nine seats. ; It's enough to make your head spin. ( As reported in the news.