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Profit Plenty: Bobbleheads and Collectibles Market

profit plenty: The Jays shot up in the standings, bolstered by newcomers Josh Donaldson and Troy Tulowitzki, who came with bobbleheads that attracted droves of collectors, according to Vancouver Courier. The shift taught Wlodarski the owner of about 650 bobbleheads at his collecting peak, who insists his love of the figurines is about passion not profit plenty about how to master the collectibles market. The Toronto Blue Jays, whose bobbleheads he coveted most, Wlodarski says were just horrid and their merchandise were hardly desirable.article continues below Trending Stories Meet Vancouver's youngest life-saving hero VIDEO Vision Vancouver will not run a mayoral candidate for first time in party's history Halloween safety tips from Vancouver police, fire and paramedics You can leave your shoes on That changed around 2015. The market can be fraught with high price tags and even higher emotions, but experts say there are tens of thousands of dollars to be to made, if you're willing to part with high-value items like baseball cards, comics, coins, stamps and vintage film posters. The trick to making money off collectibles, Wlodarski said, is learning how to assess a market. They say maximizing what can be made or nabbing an item for as little as possible can be tough because it takes a mix of timing and luck. ( As reported in the news.