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Prince William: Prince and Baby

prince william: WILL THE BABY EVER BE KING OR QUEEN It is very unlikely, according to CTV. Harry and Meghan's first child will be seventh in the line of succession for the throne when it is born next spring. Here are answers to some questions about the baby-to-be. The baby will be behind its grandfather, Prince Charles; its uncle, Prince William; its cousins, William's three children George, Charlotte and five-month-old Prince Louis; and the baby's father, Prince Harry. ------ WILL THE BABY BE A PRINCE OR PRINCESS The baby will not automatically become a prince or princess, although it is possible that could happen if Queen Elizabeth II chooses to intervene. The baby will also not be entitled to the HRH designation, meaning His royal highness or Her royal highness. Titles were limited by King George V in 1917 in a way that would exclude Harry's children unless the queen takes action. ( As reported in the news.