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Police Officers: Bouchard-Taylor Commission and Bans Anyone

police officers: The issue has been boiling in the province for more than 10 years, leading to a year-long study of reasonable accommodation by the Bouchard-Taylor Commission, the short-lived Parti Quebecois government's charter of Quebec values and the late Liberal government's religious neutrality law that bans anyone providing or receiving public services from wearing face-covering religious garb, according to Vancouver Courier. Last week, the Liberals suffered a stunning defeat by the upstart Coalition Avenir Quebec, which promises to ban public servants in positions of authority including teachers, judges, police officers and prison guards from wearing religious symbols. And the former prime minister predicts the furor over whether public servants should be banned from wearing religious symbols will eventually fade away as common sense prevails.article continues below Trending Stories Vancouver woman attacked on night bus questions transit security VIDEO Here's what Vancouverites need to heed in light of legal weed We asked a Vancouver lawyer for specifics around legal cannabis Safety control or discrimination Pet food labelled 'no ingredients from China' When you ask Quebecers the question, 'Do you want them to lose their jobs ' they say, 'Oh, no,' Chretien said in an interview. Premier-elect Francois Legault has threatened to use the Constitution's controversial notwithstanding clause, if necessary, to override the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and enforce the ban. Chretien said the debate reminds him of the political quagmire that resulted in the late 1980s and early '90s over Quebec's demand for recognition as a distinct society in the Constitution. Legault is also promising to cut immigration to Quebec by 20 per cent and expel newcomers who fail to pass French language or Quebec values tests within three years. ( As reported in the news.