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Official said.article: Vice Minister and Pipeline Squabble

official said.article: But then, nothing, according to Vancouver Courier. His wife, who put out a call on Friday, said she hasn't heard from her 64-year-old husband since the end of September, the official said.article continues below Trending Stories Courier stages first Vancouver mayoral debate of 2011 election At just 12 years old, Dex Shelton is already chairman of the board Burnaby mayor and council chime in on pipeline squabble with Alberta Wintery weather warning for Metro Vancouver this week To make matters murkier, Meng is not just the head of Interpol He's also a vice minister for public safety in China. Meng Hongwei, Interpol's president, boarded a plane and arrived in China, according to a French judicial official. Interpol, based in Lyon, would say only that reports that its president is missing is a matter for the relevant authorities in both France and China. Whether China was taking action was unknown. France launched its own investigation on Friday morning, according to the judicial official who wasn't authorized to speak publicly and asked for anonymity. ( As reported in the news.