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October Careens: Ticket Sales and American Theatres

october careens: As the month of October careens toward a box office record, the crowded marketplace can be a blessing or a curse for some films in their first weekends, although the hope is that they will play for weeks to come, according to CTV. Such is the idea for Universal Pictures' First Man, which took flight over the weekend with everything to its advantage -- prestige, good reviews 88 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes a movie star Gosling and an Oscar-winning director Damien Chazelle . Studios estimated Sunday that First Man earned 16.5 million in ticket sales from 3,640 North American theatres, and 25 million worldwide. The Ryan Gosling-starrer and a host of newcomers, like the family-friendly Goosebumps sequel and the neo-noir mystery Bad Times at the El Royale, couldn't unseat last week's top two films, Venom and A Star Is Born, which again took first and second place. That was on par with expectations, but not exactly an eye-popping number for a space epic that cost nearly 60 million to produce. What we know is for these types of adult, fall films for discerning audiences, it's not about the opening weekend, Orr said. For Universal Pictures' president of domestic distribution Jim Orr, the box office intake for a film like First Man, which primarily appeals to older audiences not inclined to rush out to a movie theatre on the first weekend, is going to be a marathon not a sprint. ( As reported in the news.