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Newspaper Awards: Halifax Chronicle and John Q

newspaper awards: Although much of their work depicts politicians and others in the public eye, Macpherson's wife Dorothy insisted that her husband wasn't particularly political, according to Rabble. He just had an innate sense of right and wrong, or who was honest and who wasn't. MacKinnon, who still draws for the Halifax Chronicle Herald, has won seven National Newspaper Awards, and Macpherson, who died in 1993, won six for his excellent work for the Toronto Star. An icon in some of his cartoons was the disheveled figure of the common man, John Q. Public, who Macpherson depicted as an onlooker puzzled by the excesses and hypocrisy of public figures. It depicts a blindfolded Lady Justice being held down by Republican hands as her scales of justice lie beside her. That's what distinguishes Mac Kinnon's stunning cartoon that has gone viral on social media this week. ( As reported in the news.