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Limit Immigration: Values Tests and Service Positions

limit immigration: His right-of-centre Coalition Avenir Qu bec CAQ had been propelled into power, in major part, by identity-driven politics Legault's promises to limit immigration, implement French-language and values tests for new immigrants and expel them, if they failed and ban religious symbols and the people wearing them from public service positions of authority. ; While these promises have been welcomed by a segment of the population, many Quebecers worry that the measures will affect social cohesion, paint immigrants as an unwanted and undesirable threat, and marginalize a small segment of the Quebec population in the pursuit of an ill-defined and, ultimately, highly discriminatory government-sanctioned faux secularism, according to National Observer. First, France's extreme right National Rally leader previously known as the National Front Marine Le Pen tweeted out her congratulations. Within hours of the Quebec provincial election on Oct. 1, premier-designate Fran ois Legault was congratulated by the extreme right. Sharing a newspaper headline that declared that Quebec had voted in a nationalist, anti-immigrant government, she rejoiced that, contrary to the Liberals' wishes for more immigrants, Quebecers had just resoundingly voted for less ce que serinaient les lib raux immigrationnistes b ats, les Qu b cois ont vot pour moins d'immigration. MLP Qu bec Marine Le Pen MLP officiel October 2, 2018To his credit and probably in embarrassed panic Legault was quick to tweet out and reject any association with Le Pen's party. La lucidit et la fermet face au d fi migratoire est le point commun des lections de quasiment tous les pays du monde confront s cet enjeu. ( As reported in the news.