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Lance Coulter: Edmonton-West Henday and Biker-Style Colours

lance coulter: The Soldiers of Odin turned up at the event the previous weekend in their biker-style colours with their organization's name emblazoned on their jackets, hats and T-shirts, according to Rabble. My appeal to be reinstated as a nomination contestant for Edmonton-West Henday has been denied and I was not given the chance to speak to the board, Mr. In a social media post, Lance Coulter also accused his two former competitors to represent the UCP in the Edmonton-West Henday Riding of lying about the invitation to members of the Soldiers of Odin anti-immigrant vigilante group. Coulter said in a short post on his campaign Facebook page, which was deleted on October 15. Mr. I condemn racism in the strongest terms, he wrote, but continued I was disqualified because I refused to lie when the party asked me to, unlike the other two candidates. ( As reported in the news.