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Juha Mikkonen: Health and Hallway Medicine

juha mikkonen: It is part of the process of rebuilding public healthcare and ending hallway medicine. 15/hr minimum wage and equal pay To end hallway medicine, we need to prevent illness in the first place, according to Rabble. As Juha Mikkonen and Dennis Raphael explain in Social Determinants of Health the Canadian Facts Income is perhaps the most important social determinant of health. From a higher minimum wage and equal pay, to paid sick days and fair scheduling, to easier unionization, Bill 148 has many health implications. Level of income shapes overall living conditions, affects psychological functioning, and influences health-related behaviours such as quality of diet, extent of physical activity, tobacco use, and excessive alcohol use. But the minimum wage in Ontario was frozen for 12 of the 20 years between 1995 and 2015, and many have been denied equal pay for equal work, from temp agency workers to contract faculty. In Canada, income determines the quality of other social determinants of health such as food security, housing, and other basic prerequisites of health Increasing the minimum wage and boosting assistance levels for those unable to work would provide immediate health benefits for the most disadvantaged Canadians. ( As reported in the news.