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Indian Butcher: Abdul Gugun and Cricket

indian butcher: Rating NNNAnosh Irani's Governor General's Award-nominated new play about a struggling Canadian cricket team attempts an ambitious balance between humour and dark realities with mixed results, according to NOW Magazine. The story is deeply relevant, juxtaposing two distinct worlds Hasan Chanakya Mukherjee is a poor Indian butcher with an adorable crush who dreams of making a name for himself in cricket as an all-rounder. See listing. Meanwhile his brother, Abdul Gugun Deep Singh plays for a Vancouver cricket team struggling for the respect of its peers, but lives in constant fear of deportation. In the audience, so do we. When Hasan's surrogate father, Baba Huse Madhavji hears of the cricket team's plan to bring Hasan to Canada to help them win, he questions whether Abdul's Canadian life is better. ( As reported in the news.