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Immigration Law: Axe Murderer and Green-Card Holders

immigration law: Justice Stephen Breyer seemed perhaps the most sympathetic to the arguments of immigrants in the case, according to Vancouver Courier. The immigrants, mostly green-card holders, say they should get hearings where they can argue for their release while deportation proceedings against them are ongoing. Several justices expressed concerns with the government's reading of immigration law. Breyer noted that the United States gives every triple axe murderer a bail hearing. article continues below Trending Stories Here's 11 Vancouver happy hours to check out in fall Vancouver weather sunshine forecast for the next 14 days The League Vancouver's newest dating app aimed at would-be power couples'Vancouver woman attacked on night bus questions transit security VIDEO While members of the court's conservative majority seemed more inclined than its liberal members to back the government, both of President Donald Trump's appointees asked questions that made it less clear how they might ultimately rule. Immigration law tells the government to pick those people up when they are released from federal or state prisons and jails and then hold them without bond hearings while an immigration court decides whether they should be deported. The issue in the case before the justices has to do with the detention of noncitizens who have committed a broad range of crimes that make them deportable. ( As reported in the news.