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Home Province: Michaelle Jean and Instant Connection

home province: Her vice-regal performance, despite a few hiccups, lived up to the hype - particularly when she was called upon to save the Stephen Harper government from a Liberal-led coalition by granting him a vote-dodging prorogation, according to CTV. What happened to that Michaelle Jean is now a major international mystery. Incredibly bright and charismatic with an instant connection to average Canadians, Michaelle Jean checked every box on a list to shake up the staid image of a Canadian Governor General. Abandoned by her country and her home province of Quebec, she is about to be cast adrift as one-term secretary general of La Francophonie, a coalition of 54 countries with a loose French-language connection. That the heir apparent has connections to the Rwandan genocide is apparently of little concern. Officially, she's the wrong citizenship for an organization that is determined to elevate an African member's representative to the top job. ( As reported in the news.