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Genocidal Campaigns: Yazidi People and Congo has.u.s

genocidal campaigns: The 25-year-old advocate for victims of sexual violence says will be thinking of her mother, who was slain by IS militants, and other Yazidis who were killed, according to Vancouver Courier. She says we must work together with determination - to prove that genocidal campaigns will not only fail, but lead to accountability for the perpetrators and justice for the survivors. She says as a survivor, I am grateful for this opportunity to draw international attention to the plight of the Yazidi people, who have suffered unimaginable crimes under Islamic State militants. She also congratulated her co-winner, Dr. President Donald Trump hasn't commented on the new Nobel Peace Prize winners but his new ambassador to Congo has.U.S. Ambassador Mike Hammer says in a Twitter post Congratulations Dr. Denis Mukwege, a man I admire greatly who has dedicated his life to helping women of sexual violence. 5 50 p.m. ( As reported in the news.