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Gasoline Container: Toronto and Photograph Friday

gasoline container: Community advocates have raised concern over right-wing radicalism after an attempted arson at a Toronto hotel where hundreds of recent irregular migrants are being housed, according to Toronto Star. Steve Russell / Toronto Star Toronto police say the fire was started in the third-floor hallway after a gasoline container was allegedly set alight. The Radisson Hotel in the city's north-east, which is the temporary home to 570-plus so-called irregular migrants from the United States, was the scene of a blaze that sent all guests out onto the streets at around 10 30 p.m. on Oct. 2. Police released a photograph Friday of a woman they are seeking in connection to the blaze, which is being investigated as arson. The fire follows an online anti-refugee campaign involving postings on right-wing websites and included a video taken by trespassers showing what they claimed was vandalism by refugees staying at the hotel. No injuries were reported. ( As reported in the news.