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Friday Night: Tickets and Canadian Fans

friday night: Everitt says she earned the money for the tickets by busking in downtown Vancouver and wanted to pass them on to others as part of a pre-show performance to welcome the American entertainer, according to CTV. The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade heard about her idea and donated 80 tickets, and the teen has given them to various multicultural societies so kids they serve can have a chance to see Degeneres. Capri Everitt had planned to award two tickets to the best Canadian fans based on their performance of the national anthem with her outside Rogers Arena on Friday night. Everitt says everyone who's already been given a ticket will join her to sing O Canada before they enter the arena, and their own little show will include the flags of 80 countries where she has travelled with her family. She says her global trip to raise money for a children's charity helped her feel grateful about Canada's multiculturalism. The Grade 9 student says she sang the national anthem of each country she visited, and in the native language, during a nine-month trip two years ago as part of her Around the World in 80 Anthems tour. ( As reported in the news.