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Fortress Ford: Community Investment and Mayor Brother

fortress ford: Few have dared to challenge in fortress Ford and 2018 is mostly no different with a number of also-rans from 2014 running again, according to NOW Magazine. But there are two exceptions community worker Naiima Farah, who's advocating a fresh approach, and longtime local resident and businessperson Carol Royer, who's pushing for more community investment and affordable housing. That they happen to be vying for a seat in the ward that used to be represented by now Premier Doug Ford and before that his late mayor brother Rob adds to the mockery. Royer is the one with the better chance of winning.WARD 2 Etobicoke Centre Who's running Bill Boersma, John Campbell, Angelo Carnevale, Stephen Holyday, Erica Kelly Key demographics 30 per cent of households have annual incomes of over 125,000; Italians make up largest ethnic group 4.9 per cent Progressive choice Council right-wingers Campbell and Holyday are essentially two sides of the same coin, with Holyday the more conservative of the two. Erica Kelly, who ran for the NDP here during the provincial election, represents a long shot, but if you really want to irritate Doug Ford as we do then vote for her.WARD 3 Etobicoke-Lakeshore Who's running Svitlana Burlakova, Iain Davis, Pamela Gough, Mark Grimes, Robert Gunnyon, Michael Julihen, Michael Loomans, Amber Morley, Peggy Moulder, Patrizia -Nigro Key demographics 11.8 per cent growth in population between 2011 and 2016; 28 per cent are visible minority; Polish speakers make up largest ethnic group 4.5 per cent Progressive choice Longtime incumbent Grimes, part of the old Etobicoke cabal that's been in charge forever, has been flying under the radar ever since he entered municipal politics some 15 years ago despite having one of the worst attendance records on council, and the fact that he's been cited by the Integrity Commissioner for improper dealings with developers. Carnevale, meanwhile, seems to have the support of Doug Ford and local MPP Kinga Surma. ( As reported in the news.