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Fertility Rates: Country and Julio Cortez

fertility rates: I did my part, the father of three declared, according to Toronto Star. U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, pictured here at a campaign event, has in the past urged Americans to have more children. To keep the country great, he said, we're going to need more people. Julio Cortez / The Associated Press Ryan's remarks drew eye rolls at the time, but as new data about the country's collapsing fertility rates has emerged, concern has deepened over what's causing the changes, whether it constitutes a crisis that will fundamentally change the demographic trajectory of the country and what we should do about it. The CDC said Wednesday that the total fertility rate a theoretical figure that estimates the number of births a woman will have in her lifetime fell by 18 per cent from 2007 to 2017 in large metropolitan areas, 16 per cent in smaller metro areas and 12 per cent in rural areas. Women are now having fewer babies and at older ages than in the past three decades, a change that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics reported this year, and which was confirmed this week with the release of additional data that shows that the trend holds across races and for both urban and rural areas. ( As reported in the news.