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Downtown Buffalo: Assembly Floor and Ethiopian Cuisine

downtown buffalo: Shops selling Ethiopian cuisine opened, and employers snapped up workers from Myanmar and South Sudan, according to Toronto Star. More than 12,000 refugees arrived in the area in 10 years, helping stymie decades of dizzying population loss. Blighted blocks were tidied up by new arrivals from Iraq. The downtown Buffalo, New York, skyline as seen in November 2013. The number of refugees coming into Buffalo now is stalled and that hurts not only my business, but other businesses in town, said Larry Christ, chief operating officer of lighting manufacturer Lite Lab, where six languages are spoken on the assembly floor. Pawel Dwulit / The Toronto Star But as the Trump administration throttles the flow of refugees into the United States and the president increases his anti-immigration rhetoric ahead of the midterm elections, Buffalo and other cities that rely on the new arrivals are beginning to feel the pinch. ( As reported in the news.