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Conflict-Averse Fragility: Front Runners and Rigs Toronto

conflict-averse fragility: Do you think I'm exaggerating Consider this A white man, along with his white cabinet, elected by white Ontario, enacted a bill that rigs Toronto's imminent election in favour of white candidates, according to National Observer. The bill was then struck down by a white man, on the grounds that it violated a Constitution written by white men. Both are rooted in a conflict-averse fragility that comfortably masquerades as pragmatism. Alas, more white men later ruled to stay the decision effectively reversing it so that the two white front runners for mayor could enjoy the balance of convenience, as they vie to lead Canada's most diverse city. With the table now set for him, incumbent mayoral candidate John Tory need not be bothered to even leave his house, let alone put forth an idea. Are you feeling defensive yet Now imagine how defensive those 577 refugees felt when a white person recently attempted to set the local hotel they are staying in on fire while they slept. ( As reported in the news.