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Christian Ilaka: Solomon Osakan and Block Migrants

christian ilaka: But Solomon Osakan has a very different approach in this era of rising xenophobia, according to Toronto Star. From his uncluttered desk in northwest Uganda, he manages one of the largest concentrations of refugees anywhere in the world more than 400,000 people scattered across his rural district. Europe's leaders are paying African nations to block migrants from crossing the Mediterranean and detaining the ones who make it in filthy, overcrowded camps. Christian Ilaka, 25, came to the U.S. in February 2018 after living for eight years in a refugee camp in Uganda. Here, he added, the refugees live in settlements, not camps with no barbed wire, and no guards in sight. Kate Morrissey / Tribune News Service He explained what he does with them Refugees are allotted some land enough to build a little house, do a little farming and be self-sufficient, said Osakan, a Ugandan civil servant. ( As reported in the news.