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Brands Weren: Mec and Kasiama

brands weren: As I explored the outside, I recognized that a lot of brands weren't reflecting stories like my own or showcasing people like myself out in nature, she told CTV Calgary on Tuesday, according to CTV. In response, MEC reached out to Kasiama and they began discussions on how to improve the outfitter's advertisements. In March, Judith Kasiama wrote to MEC and other sports companies on social media to complain about the lack of diversity in their marketing. The Vancouver-based company, known for selling outdoor recreational gear and clothing to its members, eventually made Kasiama a MEC ambassador in April. Six months later, MEC's CEO David Labistour posted an open letter on the company's website in which he admitted the retailer has perpetuated the vastly incorrect notion that people of colour in Canada don't ski, hike, climb or camp. We can't say Canada is diverse but then don't want to talk about these hard issues, Kasiama said. ( As reported in the news.