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Aviation Technician: Nicole Reid and Things I

aviation technician: The things I had, I had to fix with my father so they worked and when I didn't understand, I taught myself how to do it, she explained, according to CTV. Now, working as an aviation technician for the Canadian military, Reid's expertise is contributing to a lifesaving -- and often dangerous mission -- in Mali where years of armed conflict among warring ethnic and extremist groups as well as the country's military has created a humanitarian crisis. Nicole Reid didn't have very many nice belongings. The 25 year old is one of approximately 35 women in Canada's 250-strong military contingent on the ground in the West African country. CTV's Omar Sachedina is in Gao, located in Eastern Mali, to glimpse how Canadians are aiding peacekeeping efforts on the ground and most importantly, in the air. They're there as part of the Canadian government's promised contribution to the United Nations' peacekeeping mission there that began in 2013. ( As reported in the news.