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Anti-Immigrant Base: Army Troops and Party Fights

anti-immigrant base: The proposal amounts to a sweeping use of presidential power to fortify the border and impose the kind of aggressive immigration restrictions and enforcement measures that Trump has made his signature pursuit, according to Toronto Star. Trump is weighing the new measures as he prepares to order 800 to 1,000 U.S. Army troops to help secure the southern border, Defense Department officials said Thursday. The effort would be the starkest indication yet of Trump's election-season push to play to his anti-immigrant base as his party fights to keep control of Congress. NICHOLAS KAMM / AFP/GETTY IMAGES The plan is expected to prompt a swift challenge in federal courts. As part of that effort, the president has capitalized this month on the thousands of Central American migrants trekking north through Mexico. The move would be the most drastic in a series of steps that Trump has taken or threatened to take in recent days including preparations Thursday to send as many as 1,000 active-duty Army troops to help secure the southern border as he works to stop what he has called an onslaught of immigrants only days before the midterm elections. ( As reported in the news.