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African Refugees: Jair Bolsonaro

african refugees: The left has sought to portray him as an open racist a charge the blunt-talking Bolsonaro denies, according to Toronto Star. Supporters of Jair Bolsonaro, presidential candidate for the Social Liberal Party, celebrate after polls closed during the first round of presidential elections in Rio de Janeiro on Oct. 7. So many people here are stunned by an apparent contradiction How could a man like Jair Bolsonaro be this close to winning the presidency The far-right former army captain once said his sons would never fall in love with a black woman, and in 2015, he dubbed African refugees coming to Brazil the scum of the earth. Dado Galdieri / Bloomberg But this is what has perhaps shocked his opponents the most. In Latin America's largest nation, Bolsonaro is now the top candidate among black and mixed-race voters, according to a major polling agency, Ibope. Now polling in the lead by 18 percentage points, the 63-year-old will enter Sunday's presidential runoff with a surprising group of backers people of colour. ( As reported in the news.