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Weightier Profession: Justin Trudeau and Oil Company

weightier profession: A successful floor crossing usually generates a bit of excitement for a day or two but doesn't have much impact in the long run, according to Rabble. Still, Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill MP Leona Alleslev's defection yesterday from the Liberal to the Conservative benches of the House of Commons after rising on a point of privilege had to be among the most dramatic of the lot. If you can't name any or many of them offhand, there's a good reason. This shows that while the Conservatives have spent a lot of time vilifying Justin Trudeau for having worked as a drama teacher instead of a weightier profession such as mailroom clerk at dad's oil company or chief operative of an Astroturf political lobby, they have learned something from the prime minister after all. So, bravo, Ms. This wasn't what many of us had in mind when we called for more support for the arts, but it was entertaining nevertheless. ( As reported in the news.