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Vancouver: Party and Vancouver Mayor

vancouver: But one of his first orders of business was to defend his new party in the wake of support from a fringe political group.article continues below Trending Stories Canucks camp 'Brock! Will you sign my... forehead 'Residential Tenancy Branch knocks down Olympic Village resident's complaint Vancouver weather Rainbows appear as rainy days settle in Voters have 21 choices for next Vancouver mayor They don't have a place in our party, according to Vancouver Courier. I don't share these values, said Bernier. Bernier held a news conference Friday to unveil the name and logo of his new political venture the People's Party of Canada. He also said he would screen potential candidates interested in running for his party and that xenophobic individuals will not be allowed to run. Earlier this week Bernier tweeted in response to a story about the surge in asylum seekers at the U.S.-Canada border, If you can buy a plane ticket from Nigeria to NY, you're not a real refugee. Bernier himself was heavily criticized in August for a series of tweets which argued too much diversity erodes Canada's identity and destroys what makes it great and that immigration shouldn't be open to those who don't share Canadian values of freedom and equality. ( As reported in the news.