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Use Sec: Quebec Politics and Quebec Solidaire

use sec: Chiu finished third in the Montreal riding of Outremont in 2008 and eventually quit the party -- but not because she hadn't won, according to CTV. She left, in part, because of Quebec solidaire's pledge to pass a law, if it takes power, that would prohibit hijab-clad Muslim women or turban-wearing Sikh men from holding certain jobs such as a judge or police officer. But in Quebec politics, labels can be confusing -- and ironic -- as Chiu discovered. Moreover, under certain circumstances, Quebec solidaire would go so far as to use Sec. 33 of the federal Charter of Rights and Freedoms -- which allows governments to override certain rights granted under the legislation -- to keep its law in force. The offending spread, which came from a country that persecutes Palestinians, was promptly removed and given to charity, according to a Radio-Canada report. Paradoxically, this position comes from a political party whose 2017 convention was interrupted by a mini scandal after it was revealed the food table contained ... Israeli hummus. ( As reported in the news.