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Tenzin Dolker: Sep and Delhi Community

tenzin dolker: Sep 9, 11 30 am, TBLB 3; Sep 11, 10 pm, Scotiabank 9; Sep 15, 9 15 am, Scotiabank 8, according to NOW Magazine. See listing. India/U.S. 91 min. Rating Sweet Requiem flashes back and forth between two narrative threads in one, a father and his daughter, Dolkar, make a dangerous crossing from Tibet to India, while in the other, 20 years later, Dolkar now a grown woman played by Tenzin Dolker is forced to confront her past when a stranger arrives in her Delhi community of refugees, pursued by Chinese intelligence agents. Both threads are interesting, but directors Sarin and Sonam Dreaming Lhasa don't get the balance right; the crossing sequences repeat the same dramatic beats of unprepared migrants begging their weary guide to keep going even as he begs them to turn back, while the present-day material feels underdeveloped as a result.A radical recut could bring it all into focus, but as it is The Sweet Requiem falls flat. ( As reported in the news.