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Task Force-Iraq: Refuelling Aircraft and Counter-Explosive Experts

task force-iraq: But Brig.-Gen, according to CTV. Colin Keiver, the commander of Joint Task Force-Iraq, said the Iraqi government will continue to rely on Canada and other international partners for the foreseeable future despite the Islamic State's defeat last year. The mission, which includes hundreds of special forces soldiers, transport and refuelling aircraft, a military hospital and counter-explosive experts, recently entered its fifth year and is currently set to expire at the end of March. They recognize they need continued assistance in order to ensure security and work on stability and prosperity in Iraq, Keiver said on a call with reporters on Friday. But military planners have started working on proposals for an extension to the rest of Canada's mission beyond March, which Keiver expects will be presented to cabinet ministers for a decision sometime this fall. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced in June that Canada would contribute 250 soldiers to lead an expanded NATO training mission in Iraq whose focus will be helping local forces bring peace and stability to the country. ( As reported in the news.