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Syrian Refugees: Steve Bannon and Dance Piece

syrian refugees: The leader of Germany's hard-right AfD party has attacked a dance piece by local youths and young Syrian refugees as amateurish multiculturalism aiming to break down the difference between ourselves and the Other, according to Rabble. It means a break with your national culture. It was carefully coded, like Make America Great Again, but the intent was we are in a war of our civilization against others unlike us, so let us defend together. Steve Bannon, the high-end version of Trump, gets teary recalling how our forefathers defeated Islam at the gates of Vienna in 1683 or Tours in 742 ! as if he was there. But it also exposes the incoherence of the civilizations/heritage argument. This takes xenophobia a step beyond the fear of losing your job to Mexican rapists and murderers or in the U.K. version, the Polish plumber -- ironic, wot . It's about selfhood and identity Us versus Them. ( As reported in the news.