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Situation Textbook: Suu Kyi and Decades-Long Fight

situation textbook: Suu Kyi was honoured by Canada in 2012 for her decades-long fight for democracy in Myanmar, according to CTV. She took the nation's highest office in 2016, although much of the country's power has remained with the military. In passing the motion from Bloc Quebecois MP Gabriel Ste-Marie, the House of Commons no longer recognizes the title, which has only ever been bestowed upon six people. Despite international pressure, Suu Kyi has repeatedly failed to condemn atrocities committed by the military against the Rohingya Muslim population in Rakhine state. The UN has called the situation textbook ethnic cleansing. At least 10,000 Rohingya Muslims have been killed -- a conservative estimate, according to the United Nations -- while more than 700,000 have been forced to flee to neighbouring Bangladesh. ( As reported in the news.