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Selection Certificates: Coalition Government

selection certificates: Those who fail would see their selection certificates revoked, leaving the federal government free to remove them from the country, according to Vancouver Courier. Legault said it is very unlikely that immigrants would fail after taking three years of free French classes offered by a Coalition government. Legault tried to strike a reassuring tone Friday, a day after Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard accused him of scaring immigrants away from Quebec amid fears of being kicked out if they don't speak French well enough to meet the standards of a Coalition government test.article continues below Trending Stories Canucks camp 'Brock! Will you sign my... forehead 'Residential Tenancy Branch knocks down Olympic Village resident's complaint Vancouver weather Rainbows appear as rainy days settle in Voters have 21 choices for next Vancouver mayor The Coalition has promised to impose a values test and a French test on new arrivals after three years if it is elected on Oct. 1. Anyone acting in good faith will pass the French test and values test, said Legault, who promised leniency for the elderly or those with learning difficulties. Parti Quebecois Leader Jean-Francois Lisee said Legault was clearly in damage control. But if it ever happens that someone is not acting in good faith, we will advise the federal government, as we do in the case of workers whose work permit has expired, and it will be up to the federal government to decide what they will do with this person who is in Quebec illegally. ( As reported in the news.