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Rohingya Women: Women and Girls Girls

rohingya women: As a result the agency is calling on Canada and all donor nations to earmark 15 per cent of all humanitarian aid for the Rohingya Muslims specifically to address the needs of women and girls, according to The Chronicle Herald. Girls and women have described fearing for their safety and dignity when accessing water and sanitation facilities leading some women to choose to go hungry and thirsty and to restrict their children's diets, Oxfam Canada says. Information gleaned from a series of interviews, focus groups and surveys of hundreds of women and men from the host and refugee communities in Bangladesh over the last year suggests the humanitarian response to the year-long security crisis is not adequately meeting the specific needs of Rohingya women. Women feel especially unsafe at night and many female-headed households feel particularly vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse, harassment. Melanie Gallant, manager of humanitarian campaigns for Oxfam Canada, says these interviews shed light on some shocking statistics and horror stories that some of the Rohingya women have had to face in refugee camps in Bangladesh since fleeing their homes in Myanmar last year. There have also been reports of human trafficking and girls disappearing from the camps. ( As reported in the news.