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Rohingya: Crimes and Canada

rohingya: In Washington, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland praised MPs for passing the motion to recognize 'this atrocity'. 'It is a very important step for Canada to recognize that crimes against the Rohingya constitute a genocide,' she said after emerging from NATA talks, according to Rabble. Canada is leading an international effort for justice and accountability, Freeland said... Rohingya's Long History of Jihadism Must Be international community has rightly condemned the crackdown. The motion, put forward by Liberal MP Andrew Leslie, also endorses the findings of a UN fact-finding mission outlining how crimes against humanity have been committed by the Myanmar military against the Rohingya and other minorities. But, in doing so, it has failed to recognize that Rohingya militants have been waging jihad in the country - a reality that makes it extremely difficult to break the cycle of terror and violence. Local militants are suspected of having ties with the Islamic State ISIS al-Qaeda, and other terrorist organizations. Rakhine State, where most of Myanmar's Rohingya reside, is attracting jihadists from far and wide. ( As reported in the news.