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Profit Neoliberalism: Capitalism and Climate Disruption

profit neoliberalism: Capitalism, in its simplest terms, is an economic system based not just on profit, but on the maximization of profit, according to Rabble. Neoliberalism can be understood as internal to the logic of capitalism and includes deregulation, corporate tax cuts, privatization and free trade. There's also a strong argument that capitalism is inextricably linked to the existential crisis of our time and that we must push for a profound economic transformation while there is still time to avoid catastrophic climate disruption. These are ideologies of huge inequalities in wealth and power. While science says that 85 per cent of the tar sands needs to stay in the ground to stop runaway climate change, capitalism and Canada's neoliberal prime minister commodify the equation into billions of dollars in profit that couldn't possibly be left in the ground. When Justin Trudeau, promoting the tar sands, told oil and gas industry executives in Texas that, No country would find 173 billion barrels of oil in the ground and just leave them there, he couldn't have more clearly made the point. ( As reported in the news.