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Party Strategists: Pap Test and Campaign Slogans

party strategists: It's a level of innovation clearly reflected in the campaign slogans, which are about as exciting to me as my annual Pap test The Liberals Pour faciliter la vie des Qu b cois to make life easier for Quebecers The Parti Quebecois Serieusement Seriously The Maintenant Now Quebec Solidaire Populaires Popular Perhaps party strategists are as bored and unmotivated by this election as voters are, because I refuse to believe anyone produced these nondescript slogans after calculated brainstorming, according to National Observer. The PQ slogan gets me the most seriouslywhat We're seriously in a position to lose official party status We seriously need to do a better job of vetting our candidates so we don't spend the better part of our campaign apologizing for their racist remarks Sure, afew attractive, albeit unoriginal campaign promises are floating around, but they're mostly coming from Quebec Solidaire, the party that has nothing to lose, trailing hopelessly in the polls. For months now, poll results have predicted a win for the right-of-centre Coalition Avenir Quebec CAQ and with four weeks remaining, Premier Philippe Couillard's Liberals are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at voters in their quest for one more chance to govern. ; By all accounts, it should be an interesting campaign, yet the promises from all parties, not just the Liberals are so milk toast, nearly 40 per cent of Quebecers remain undecided about who to vote for on Oct. 1, according to a recent survey of more than 1,000 residents conducted by L ger, Le Devoir and the Montreal Gazette. Since the latest L ger results, however, reveal that Couillard's Liberals are closing the gap on the CAQ, let's take a look at the pledges that be. Qc125 Qc 125 August 29, 2018Barrette thrown under the bus According to a recent Vote Compass survey of 50,000 Quebecers, health is the issue voters care about the most. Sondage L ger/Le Devoir/The Gazette La CAQ toujours en avance, mais l' cart se resserre. ( As reported in the news.