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Parti Quebecois: Vision Vancouver and Candidate Parts

parti quebecois: The Coalition Avenir Quebec and the Parti Quebecois have both said they plan to cut the number of newcomers should they come to power, according to Vancouver Courier. Couillard said the question is a key one at the ballot box, with the province's long-term economic survival at stake as it looks to fill 1.3 million jobs in the next decade. On Day 19 of the campaign, the Liberal leader keyed in on an issue that has generated significant sparring among the three main parties.article continues below Trending Stories Andrea Reimer reconsiders retirement, could become Vision Vancouver's mayoral candidate Parts of B.C. are already seeing snow today Ferry rates drop, real estate prices will likely rise on Sunshine Coast Court orders closure of Vancouver sex shop Couillard's Liberals have said they want to maintain current yearly immigration numbers of about 50,000 and will eventually increase that number. He accused his rivals of acting contrary to Quebec's economic interests as he announced 135 million in proposed spending to improve the French-language skills of immigrants and ensure they settle outside Montreal, where the lack of manpower is more pronounced. Each time you remove one immigrant, it's not only that person you remove from the workforce, it's their children and their children's children. One of the most fundamental components of what makes an economy grow is the number of people you have to work, Couillard said. ( As reported in the news.