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Ontario Legislature: Question Period and State Legislatures

ontario legislature: Only the legislature can fuel that tank, however, requiring MPPs to stiffen their spine and rise to the occasion, according to Toronto Star. Premier Doug Ford speaks during Question Period on Wednesday, The Ontario Legislature was recalled so Ford can reintroduce Bill 5 and override a court ruling with the notwithstanding clause. The premier's invocation of the never-used in Ontario notwithstanding clause comes across as reckless and dangerous to our fundamental freedoms, like an angry child who has found the keys to a tank. Richard Lautens / Toronto Star The notwithstanding clause in the Constitution permits one branch of the state legislatures to override another judges where the latter has ruled that the former breached the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It must be legislated, and that doesn't happen overnight.A majority of the legislature needs to pass it after two rounds of debate and voting. In other words, the override power is not exercised by executive fiat. ( As reported in the news.