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Nicolas Maduro: Venezuelan Government and American Nations

nicolas maduro: It was Parliament that granted her honorary citizenship, and that's a conversation that we certainly could have, according to National Observer. Trudeau on repealing Aung San Suu Kyi's Canadian citizenship Rohingya The move Canada's first referral to the court and the first time member nations have referred a fellow member state comes as Venezuela spirals ever deeper into a worsening economic and political morass. Canada joined a group of South American nations in formally referring the Venezuelan government of Nicolas Maduro to the Hague-based International Criminal Court, a move aimed at placing the socialist regime under investigation for alleged crimes against humanity. Along with Trudeau, the Latin American countries of Peru, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Paraguay signed the referral on the very day that Maduro himself made a surprise arrival at the UN to deliver a scheduled speech not many expected him to show up for. ; The situation in Venezuela is catastrophic, Trudeau told a news conference at the UN. There is a humanitarian crisis going on in a country that used to be one of the most successful and prosperous countries in South America. Bolton, famously dismissive of the court during his time as UN ambassador in the administration of George W. Bush, has been pushing for sanctions against the body, which he considers illegitimate. The failure of leadership in Venezuela is of concern not just to us, but to leaders in the region, friends to Venezuela and of concern to the world. 'Looking for ways to help the Venezuelan people'The move also provides a shot in the arm to the court, which has come under heavy criticism from the U.S. in recent weeks in particular from national security adviser John Bolton, upset over an ICC investigation of alleged American war crimes in Afghanistan. ( As reported in the news.