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Nat Observer: Muslim World and Henri Dupuis

nat observer: There's a common history to Europe and the Muslim world, said Henri Dupuis, a curator of a ground-breaking artistic exhibit, according to National Observer. By clogouj in Nat Observer Shown first in Sarajevo, then Brussels and several cities in Bulgaria where it wrapped up earlier this summer, the travelling exhibit covered 12 centuries of Muslim history in Europe. This bold statement, challenging the perception of Muslims as outsiders in Europe, is the title of an exhibit that attracted tens of thousands of visitors this year. It also offered visitors a stream of facts and evidence that serve as a counterpoint to the fears and false information flooding politics across the continent and around the world over the past few years. Henri Dupuis, one of the curators, said this is something that represented the EU's inability to deal with the migration crisis. While the display stretched back to the Middle Ages, it also featured some recent events. ; One section, for example, showcased a European Union flag on an emergency blanket used to warm asylum seekers who recently crossed the Mediterranean Sea. ( As reported in the news.