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Michelle Blanc: Pq Candidate and Media Expert

michelle blanc: Blanc, who is transgender, upset that the Bell employee had called her 'monsieur' over the phone because of her masculine voice, went on to say you sound African, but I don't call you mon petit negre or my little negro, according to National Observer. Will the Parti Qu b cois keep Michelle Blanc with her racist comments, if so, it will make it obvious what they stand for. Here was someone who proudly referred to herself as a social media expert who had committed an unacceptable offense over a minor dispute with a Bell customer service agent. Exclusive Controversial PQ candidate wrote 'mon petit negre' in deleted tweet https // Will Prosper Will Prosper August 30, 2018While the Quebec election campaign has been a passionless humdrum affair so far, with a large percentage of Quebec voters uninterested in or undecided about the Oct. 1 vote, there have been plenty of candidate scandals. She had exposed herself at best incapable of controlling her temper and lacking judgment, and at worst a racist or someone without qualms about using racist language over a misunderstanding. Though she later removed the evidence, the damage was done. ( As reported in the news.