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Less-Than-Mainstream Views: Quebec Identity

less-than-mainstream views: But in Quebec, Masse's revolutionary party held three seats in the legislature at dissolution, has a good chance of winning more on Oct. 1 and has become a fixture in televised leaders' debates. ; In a campaign where sovereignty is not a defining issue, the prominence of Quebec solidaire is just one example of how the election remains a distinctly Quebec affair, according to National Observer. Issues of Quebec identity have dominated the campaign. Across Canada, many political parties at the provincial and federal level have less-than-mainstream views. There is broad consensus on the need to cut carbon emissions. Masse's Sept. 19 speech was the first time a Quebec solidaire leader had been invited to address the Montreal Board of Trade, the embodiment of the capitalism her party pledges to leave behind. And none of the main parties can be considered traditionally conservative. ( As reported in the news.